History / Inspiration 

For his whole life, Aton was a hyperactive person. An extreme sports addict, and a person that would never skip any event or a party. He was a bad student in school, he couldn't focus on himself even for a moment and the energy inside him was not letting him calm down. 
He was doing everything his body wanted him to just to get as many emotions and feelings as he can, and from a hyperactive person, he was reforming to something dark and awful.

But luckily it wasn't too late when he realized that all he was doing is destroying himself .

It was the day when he felt the bright touch from something, and it was so much stronger than all this anger and anxiety inside him,
He started feeling himself again, with all the love and passion, but he didn't know how to express it . 

Aton Perfumes is a brand created by Aton, he is 20 years old, and his perfume journey started off with a collaboration between him and his brother Adam .
They have created a scent called “MANLY “ 
After that Aton launched his first collection including 3 different fragrances .



Patchouli Lave is a fresh flowery scent that was created with the symptoms of the first love addiction for Aton . Every single fragrance he creates has something that is linked to his experience in life, even though he is pretty young, he has powerful emotions going through him every time he creates something, and he can express them only through the smell . 


The Bright Lights is a fragrance that contributes to an open mind, and feelings of uplifting your body to the spirit world .
That emotion was made when Aton was in the ocean in the early morning, he was on a boat, and as soon as the sun was rising, he was feeling extremely disconnected from the whole world around him, but he could feel the sun lights going through his soul covering him up with the beautiful calmness .


Roxbury is more of a darker scent that was created in moments of absolute pleasure... but this pleasure is different from the other creations .
Roxbury connects us with the night style of living . Even though this scent has no liquor / whiskey / rum ingredients, it still brings us these warm feelings of confidence and the incredible passion that you can't resist feeling . The moments you feel like you can rule the world, and everything is in your hands, This is Roxbury, something that you desire .


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